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Our programmers and engineers are available to fill a variety of special needs, including IC and ESC programming, and specialty board design, development and prototyping.

Whether you need us to start from scratch and design a board to your specs, or prototype one that you already have a circuit schematic created, we have the people to make it happen.

 We have several of our own boards developed for the RC industry that can be modified to meet your needs.

And Now to our featured Product!


testingWe have just finished testing our newest and greatest invention, a revolutionary ESC. Take time to view our video before reading our techy explanation of how it works and why it's revolutionary.

This ESC will be industry-changing for the RC industry and Robotics. It can be scaled to meet any electronic or power requirements. Tell us what you need a board to do and provide us with the specs and we can make and test a prototype for you. We can then either provide you with the schematics for that board, or proceed to the manufacturing stage.

Contact us for information on investing in this project.



We have a selection of proprietary boards available that can be used as is for the RC industry or modified to work with other industries and their specific needs. These boards have been thoroughly tested and we will be taking orders on them soon. Please use the contact form to indicate your interest.


regulatorboard(6) regulatorboard(5)

The Regulator Board consists of a step down switching power supply module that can handle up to 14 amps output and 40 volts input.  The Regulator board attenuates the ripple from the Rectifier Board by 50db reducing the requirement for large heavy capacitors.


Rectifier Board2 (1) 

The Rectifier Board is a three phase full bridge rectifier that can handle in excess of 100 amps at 60 volts without heat sinks.  It consists of a logic block, mosfet drivers and low RDS on mosfets.  The output of the Rectifier Board feeds the Regulator Board.